Non-Invasive Neurosurgery Treatment

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 1.46.37 PMWhen it comes to neurosurgery, there is another approach other than the standard procedures that are performed. At Arthrogen, GOLDIC is a proven, non-invasive alternative to treating many types of disorders relating to the spine, peripheral nerve impingement and more. By activating local stem cells and regenerating the structural cause of injuries​ ​and inflammation​, a more natural healing process can take place.

Utilizing a more traditional solution to treating disorders can definitely have its draw backs. Surgical solutions do not always relieve the pain associated with degenerative disc disease. These procedures have long recovery times and leave many on drugs to relieve re-occurring symptoms. Drugs like cortisone and steroids are very temporary unsuccessful solutions that do not alleviate the pain, but sooths it for a short time. Bone marrow or adipose fat derived stem cells are undifferentiated, and have no motivation to differentiate into the desired healthy tissue. The Orthokine solution can address inflammation, but does not adequately address regeneration. Orthokine (IRAP) interleukin 1 receptor antagonist shuts down the body’s natural response to Injury (Inflammation) and does not repair the structural causes of the injuries that produced the inflammation. This opens the door for a great potential to damaging the injured tissues further because the body’s natural alarm response to injury has been shut down.

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So what’s the difference in all these technologies? Arthrogen GOLDIC Enhanced Gelsolin is the only therapy that significantly reduces inflammation and activates local stem cells to regenerate the structural cause of the injury. No need to mix PRP (platelet rich plasma), hyaluronic acid, cortisone or steroids.

Goldic is a STAND ALONE technology!

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Disclaimer: ORTHOPEDIC APPLICATIONS ARE NOT FDA APPROVED FOR USE IN THE USA. This treatment is currently available in Europe only. To schedule treatment in Europe, please call (614) 747-5019.