Canine Regeneration

Wobbler’s Disease, No Longer A Death Sentence

MRI of Max’s Wobblers Spine​ Disease Before Regeneration

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​Amplifing Autologous Blood Proteins


Arthrogen GOLDIC realizing the harmful effects of injecting gold directly into the body has changed everything.

ARTICLE: Gold Beads Implants – Medicine or Malpractice

Arthrogen draws the blood into 4 GOLDIC tubes outside the body. The blood incubates for 24 hours, centrifuged and then eliminates gold and cells with a filter.

Serum with proteins now up-regulated 10 to 100 times, is now ready to be injected into the site of injury for the regeneration of Spine Disc Herniation, Spine Pain, Muscles, Ligaments, Tendon, Cartlidge and so much more.

Harmful side effects of injecting Gold into the body (Univ. of Washington State Dept. of Orthopedic)

Side effects of gold treatment include:

Damage to the bone marrow (The bone marrow is where the body produces red and white blood cells and platelets). This is uncommon but can cause serious problems or even death. Your doctor will take regular blood tests to check for this side effect. Kidney damage To detect early signs of kidney problems urine tests are done repeatedly during therapy. Liver intestinal and lung damage These have been reported in people treated with gold but these reactions are very rare. Blood samples analyzed every few months should detect the possibility of liver damage.

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