In a world where many voices speak of Regenerating Injuries

Medical doctors require proof of a technologies claim of regeneration with verification by MRI. Few companies would dare expose themselves to this type of review.

Presented below are MRI’s of before treatment and after treatment. The proof that professionals require.




Arthrogen GOLDIC (PRP GOLD) is not a drug! GOLDIC activates the up-regulation autologous proteins from the patient’s blood from 10 to 1000 times in 24 hours of incubation. It is these proteins when injected that stimulate site-specific Stem Cell Production, Up-Regulation of Site-Specific Cells, and other Proteins, these causes regeneration.

Stem Cells vs Growth Factors and Scar Tissue vs Regeneration

Kevin R. Stone, M.D., Orthopaedic Surgeon at The Stone Clinic (has no affiliation with Arthrogen USA)

Quotes Dr. Arnold Caplan, widely regarded as “the father of the mesenchymal stem cell,” is Professor of Biology and General Medical Sciences (Oncology) and Director of the Skeletal Research Center at Case Western Reserve University June 14, 2016, Posted on LinkedIn

The Actin ​Protein ​Disrupts Regeneration

Understanding The Cell’s Biology For Regeneration​

Cytoskeletal Regulation of Dermal Regeneration

The precise function and regulation of the cells cytoskeleton are critical to the success of the healing process, and its manipulation may, therefore, facilitate regenerative healing and not scar tissue. 90% of the cells cytoskeleton is made of Actin. The Gelsolin Protein in Blood binds Actin to build healthy regenerated tissue. Arthrogen Goldic Upregulates Gelsolin by up to 10 times without side effects . PRP, IRAP, Stem Cells, Laser, Cytowave or Shockwave Therapies Do Not.

To regenerate injuries and prevent scar tissue development, regeneration proteins from blood (illustrated below), must be up-regulated. Arthrogen GOLDIC up-regulates in 24 hours of incubation the specific proteins necessary that feed the injured cells what is needed for regeneration.

Arthrogen Goldic

File on PubMed ​
​Title: ​Cytoskeletal Regulation of Dermal Regeneration

Arthrogen USA, LLC

Arthrogen is a young biotechnology company specializing in the development of effective methods and technologies for the treatment of degenerative and inflammatory diseases. The products and methods of Arthrogen are based on stimulating the body’s own proteins, growth factors, and cytokines such that the body can repair injured or damaged tissue itself. These technologies are protected by worldwide patents.

Girl-Dog0001 Arthrogen is focused on disease and patient orientated research. Different growth factors and chemokines to repair injured or damaged tissue in different organs are being addressed. Over the last 10 years, Arthrogen has developed several orthopedic and neurosurgery procedures to induce repair processes in damaged tissues. Arthrogen’s lead product is GOLDIC!

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